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Why Hand Made Notes Better Than Your Books ?

Most of the students copied notes from his/her friend note book, but these notes are just to complete your needs, not your knowledge . What is knowledge ? It’s a simple answer, knowledge is built  yourself  day by day. A knowledgeable student can define himself, knowledge is also known as awareness, understanding, bulk of skills, knowledge can be acquired with many terms like experience ,education, memory, searcher, by new questioning and new practicing. But the bigger question is how can you increase your knowledge easily ? here is also a simple answer hand made notes gives you that quality.



There are following steps to make your notes by you.

  1. First you have to decide  in which subjects you want to make your notes.
  2. Start with your chapter first.
  3. Read the first para of this chapter.
  4. Write this para in your words.
  5. Using bullets , heading , arrow , graph , diagram to make it attractive.
  6. Then read the second para of your book and try to connect with its first para for better understanding.
  7. Follow this steps till ending of this chapter
  8. After completing this chapter, save a soft copy on your desktop.
  9. Take it printout.
  10. Lear it anywhere & any time.

The best time to make your notes.

Yes this is also a big question about which time is best to make notes. You have listened to popular quotes “A PERFECT TIME CAN CHANGE ANYTHING ”. The best time to make your notes is , when you feel relaxed and you do not feel anxiety. When you have a positive energy, then you are ready to make your notes.

A attractives note  is created when you also feel creative. 

What are the advantages of hand made notes ?

There are lots of advantages of hand made notes.

  1. It gives you better understanding.
  2. It provides a pattern to learning.
  3. It provides you with knowledge step by step.
  4. It gives you long term benefits.
  5.  Notes having the power to easily learn all concepts.
  6. Whole chapters come in your mouth.
  7. You remember your chapter in your exam.
  8. A time will definitely come when you become a good speaker.
  9. You could speak your chapter in a minute.
  10. You got better results in your exam.

How can I arrange my notes ?

Arranging yours is not tough . Here are somes guidelines to arrange your notes easily.

  1. Bought a folder from a stationery shop.
  2. Make a separate folder for each subject.
  3. Arrange your notes in this folder chapter wise.
  4. Staple your pages of each chapter.
  5. After reading it, keep it in this folder.

Demerits Of Copied Notes

Copied notes create a lack of confidence in you in your exam. These notes have no benefits , it could be bad for you. Creativity can not generate in you if you copied content with someone else.

There are some demerits given below :-

  1. It can reduce creativity in you.
  2. It can become you messy.
  3. It creates a lack of confidence in you.
  4. Your interest in study can be declined.
  5. Your focus in study can be reduced.

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