The Benefits Of Self-Study For Students

1. Students learn more effectively.

 Exploring a topic on his or her own encourages your child to actively engage with the information. Self-studiers are able to think about topics more deeply and make connections between what they are learning. And when students are engaged (and excited) about what they are learning, they’re able to remember it better

2. Students discover more about the topics they’re studying.

 Self-study is all about searching out new information on a topic your child is interested in. Seeking out this information themselves gives students a chance to learn more about that topic (rather than just what they are taught in class).

3. It can boost students’ self-esteem.

 As students do more self-study, many become more confident learners. They are able to see themselves as an independent person who is able to learn new things without anyone helping them. This can be a major motivation boost for students

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